The Final Roster of the Warlocks Hockey Team
#00 Jason Moore
#11 Brandn Moore
#7 Ashley "the playmaker" Petty
#69 Fernando "EL PROLIFICO" Mascorro
#14 Ben "The Nailer" Galicia
#77 Jr "Frenchie bitch" Floyd
#9 Donavan "Patty" White
#3 Sach Zipper
#6 Jerry "Wappo" Martinez

and in goal
#33 Nate "The Gate" Lopez



The Final Warlocks Schedule

  • June 8 Warlocks 3 vs Sharks 1
  • June 10 Warlocks 6  vs. Bananas 4
  • June 17 Warlocks 6 vs Buzz 5
  • June 22 Warlocks 12 vs Toddlers 0
  • June 24 Warlocks 6 vs Sharks 3
  • July 1 Warlocks 14 vs. Wolfpack 2
  • July 6 Warlocks 3 vs. Bananas 1 
  • July 13 Warlcoks 5 vs. X-men 1
  • July 20 Warlocks 6 vs. Buzz 1
  • July 22 Warlocks 12 vs. Brewsters 1
  • Darkside 5 vs. the Force 3
    August 3 Warlocks 1 vs. Sharks 3
  • August 5 Warlocks 3 vs. Bananas 6
  • August 12 Warlocks 2 vs. Buzz 3
  • August 17 Warlocks 13 vs. Bananas 1
  • August 19 Warlocks 8 vs. Sharks 3
  • August 26 Warlocks 2 vs.Sharks 1
  • August 31 Warlocks vs. Bananas
  • (rained out)
  • Sept. 9 Warlocks 4 vs. Bananas 4
  • Sept. 14 Warlocks 4 vs. Buzz 2
  • Sept. 16 Warlocks 7 vs. Buzz 1


Game 1

  • Warlocks 7 vs. Sharks 1

Game 2

  • Warlocks 1 vs Sharks 3

Game 3

  • Warlocks 6 vs. Sharks 1


Game 1

  • Warlocks 4 vs. Buzz 3 OT

Game 2

  • Warlocks 3 vs. Buzz 0

(first shutout in Finals history)

Game 3

  • Warlocks 4 vs. Buzz 2

The Warlocks roster still boasts three original members J. Moore, B. Moore and Coy Murry. Ashley Petty and Joey Artnak joined the Warlocks in the summer of '97 during the Rosa's Cup Tournament. The team finished in 3rd place that year. The next year, the 'Lock's became a part of the San Angelo Amateur Hockey Association (SAAHA) and added goalie Matt Gonterman, Adam Pressnall, Fernando Mascorro and Mark Rogerson. During that season, the Warlocks went on to develop a big rivalry with the Dragons losing to them during the regular season only to win the championship that same year. The Warlocks would again repeat as SAAHA champions, again beating the Dragons in the final game with the help of newly added Jason Zachidniac.

The Warlocks are now members of the Angelo Adult Hockey League (AAHL) and subsequently, added another new face-Donovan Martinez. With the line-up in place, the team competed in several tournaments including the NHL 2000 BreakOut where they took 3rd place in their division. And won their 3rd staight championship.

In the second season of the AAHL, the Warlocks have added four new faces to the roster. Jeff Kirt a former Dragon, Jerry "Wapo" Matrinez, a member of the quad team called the Aces, Paul Roy comes back for his second tour of duty as a Warlock and Ben Galicia, former Ragin' Banana all have joined up with the Warlocks in their campaign to defend the Humphrey's Cup in 2001. Which they did making it four championships!!!

The 2002 AAHL season brought three new faces to the team. First off the Warlocks entered the season for the first time in a long time with a new goalie, JR Floyd filled the pipes this season. The other two new faces are Jason Calhoun and Donavan White formerly of the Storm. These two traveled with the team to San Diego and now look to get their first drink out of the Humpheries Cup as the Warlocks go for 5 straight championship seasons. The Warlocks fell short though in the 2002 season.

2003 Brings 3 more new faces and one returning face. Jason Calhoun and Jerry Martinez have gone on to other things this season. But that just made some room for some new blood on the team. First off Ryan Nichols has signed on after being an enemy of the Warlocks for years while playing on the Dragons, and the Assfaults. He looks to have a fresh start with a new team. Justin Hawkins will be the starting goalie for the Warlocks. He started practicing for this at the end of last season, and has become a very dedicated member of the team. Welcome aboard guys it is good to have some fresh blood on the team. The returning face is someone who we thought was gone forever, but just missed us so bad he had to come back...Jr Floyd will come back to fill out the roster for the 2003 season. The Warlocks took the Cup vs. the Aces in a 3-2 series.

2004 The team has more changes some going and some coming. First the going, Ryan Nichols has left the team to get things right in his life, and we wish him the best with that. Maybe some day he'll be back. The Warlocks have also lost thier goalie for the 3 straight year, Justin Hawkins has quit playing hockey this season and is getting things together and $$ saved up for a move to Florida soon. Now for the new players. Jerry Martinez is back where he belongs on the Warlocks. Guess losing to us last year made him realize where he needed to be. Next up is long time enemy/friend of the guys. He has played in ever finals there has been in the AAHL(losing 3 to us and winning one vs. the Sharks), Sach Zipper has signed on to help the team out with his speed and sniper shot. The new goalie of the Warlocks is Nate Lopez, a backup goalie for the Bananas and Buzz last year. It's now Nate's time to show the league what he can do as a #1 goalie. The team defended it's champions ship winning thier 6th Cup. The team did it sweeping the finals 3-0, and getting the leagues first ever shutout in the finals in game 2.

2004 marked the last year of Warlocks Hockey. The team ended up winning 6 of 7 city championships. While also winning several top goal scorer, top gaa, top points, and best trash talker awards along the way. More importantly the the guys that played on this team became family to each other, and will be friends for life. I(Jason Moore) would like to thank everyone who ever played for me and for your teammates, and gave your all for this team. It was an honor being the captain of the team from the start of this era to it's end. It was a fun experience, and I will always remember the good times we had through this journey.