This page is dedicated to the Warlocks Disc Golf Team. It will be updated after each tourney, and other radom times good pics show up.

San Angelo has one full 18 hole disc golf course at Middle Concho Park(That's Grassy Meadows). There is a weekly random draw doubles mini every Sunday at 2:00pm, $5 gets you in. The second course is at Brentwood park, and it's a 9 hole course. There is also a weekly Rypt game mini every Wednesday at 5:30, also $5. Here are the maps to each

As of now the team has 14 men, and 3 women. Below is a list of the team in their current divisions.


Captain Patty   Brandn Moore  Jason Moore

Sean Nelson   Jason Holton   Johnny DeLeon


Ashley Petty   Fernando Mascarro

JR Floyd   Matt Gonterman   Paul Roy

Gilbert Mascarro   Byron Clark


Big John Coad


Jeanne Moore   Brandy Churchwell

Belinda DeLeon

  How things got started, and where there going.

Warlock Disc Golf is all about one thing...That's getting out and playing disc golf together. The team consist of a bunch of friends, several of which started disc golf together back in April of 2004. Since then this group of friends has gotten other friends out to play and they got hooked just like the first group. They brought friends out, and the circle continues today. In April of 2005 the team became a team at the 3rd Annual Crush on the Concho debuting their first set of T-shirts. Since then the Warlocks have played in several tourneys, and played courses all over the United States. The team continues to grow, and some are taking Warlock disc golf to other areas as they move of to other towns, and states. One things remains the same, we will always be Warlocks. Which is some cases is closer than family. This page will have updated pics of the fun we have both on and off the course. Both at tourneys the Warlocks travel to, and the ones we help put on here in San Angelo.