The Warlocks traveled to San Diego to participate in the 2001 NHL Breakout of Champions (Jan 18-20). The team was made up of mostly Warlocks that won the regional tournament in Dallas in May. With the exception of two Storm players, Jason ("Pooky") Calhoun and Donavan ("Patty, "I took you there") White. The team wants to thank the wives of these guys for giving them their kitchen passes for the trip. And LaTosha for wearing a Warlock t-shirt, and providing us with the great entertainment you call your husband AAHAHAHA. Hey I took you there... In the first game against Team Red Star, out of Pittsburgh, the Warlocks took an early lead and would hold the lead into the second where the Red Stars would tie it up. The third went scoreless from both teams while it was action packed with close calls from both sides. So it was on to a sudden death shoot-out (SHOOT-OUTS SUCK by the way) Ben took the first shot and missed although he had the guy beat just could not get the ball off his stick. Next up the shooter from the Red Stars and he buried it. Loss # 1. About an hour later it was on to game #2 and Team Koho from Canada. These guys were playing ice not inline. In the end they just had too much speed and passing ability for the Warlocks to handle. Loss #2. Then it was on to Dave & Busters where Jason M. kicked most everyone's ass in the racing games. Cool Place. Day #2 pitted the Warlocks against the Bull Dogs in a meaningless game since both teams had been eliminated from the playoffs with 0-2 records. Well these guys just smoked us, it was not a team effort at all on our parts and we did not deserve to win this game, chalk it up to a learning experience. So we partied like rock stars that night/morning, think the party stopped around 6:00 a.m. or something like that. Who keeps track at the time anyway? The team felt a little disappointed at their performance until they went out to the finals on Sunday and saw that two of the four teams in their division were in the finals, Team Red Star and Team Koho. With Team Red Star winning it all. Kinda makes you feel good to have tied the National Champions, you know that you did belong at the tournament after all. Pics coming soon. Oh yeah 'Nanas - you'd have been proud...we found a Hooters the night we got there, cause it was the only place to let minors (Cali bar rules suck almost as bad as shoot-outs) in after 10:00, and put back more than or fair share of adult beverages. We also met up with a team called Team Beer from Detroit Mich. Maybe we'll see you guys next year and party down. All and all, it was a great trip despite the 0-3 record besides who else can say they tied the national champs? Watch out for the Warlocks in next years NHL Breakout.